Appreciate the honesty. Tattoo designs 10% off.
Noah Russi

Living out of my travel bag.

I always loved art, but never thought I was going to be able to make a living from it. Looking back at my journey it's so cliche, but we really are a few decisions away from changing everything, and that's what happened to me. After my dad passed away, I started travelling and landed in Byron Bay. One of the most beautiful places on this planet. I was actually doing construction when a family friend asked if i wanted to manage his hostel. At the time i was 25 and really wanted nothing to do with hospitality work but said I'll give it a shot. So for the next two years during COVID-19 I was working at a hostel, but the best part was no one was travelling. I had free accommodation and was making 350$ a week, and if I wasn't cleaning toilets, I was surfing or drawing. I became obsessed with my art and found the perfect opportunity to turn my hobby into a full time job. I have now been living on the road for about 5 years and make a living selling tattoo designs on the internet. I hope you read this and feel inspired. You can do anything! Love Noah